Swamp Hippie

Happy Festival

April 16-22 2018

We are adding SUP racing to our events!!!

We are totally excited about 2018
This past year we have visited several really cool places on the water and set up camp. We had lots of fun and met a lot of good friends and enjoyed some really great music. We have confirmed dates at some of our favorite places we visited, for this year. We wanted to add something new this year to our events.
We will have SUP Races, both for the extreme and those of us who just enjoy paddling. There will be cash prizes and lots of other cool stuff for those participating. Our first race will be on the Satilla River at the Spring Happy Fest April 21, 2018. We are working on all details for the events and will post information soon.

Sapelo Island

Jul 2 - Jul 7, 2018

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Ginnie Springs

Aug 16 -20, 2018

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